New wipegel formula

Our Wipegel is now scent-free. Here is why it’s good news.

Why the change?

We are switching to include more ingredients & components made in the USA. 

In Wipegel, we substituted the original preservative (Naticide, by Italian manufacturer Sinerga) with a postbiotic preservative made in the USA by Active Micro Technologies, LLC. 

What’s special about the new preservative?

This unique preservative is a mixture of antimicrobial peptide technology. It combines antimicrobial peptides (aka postbiotics) derived from the Lactobacillus strain of bacteria

Bacterial peptides also stimulate natural skin moisturization and promote microbiome balance, which is crucial in products that you do not rinse off.

The original preservative had a flowery scent, and the updated formula has a slight scent of witch hazel extract, but it’s barely noticeable. 

What else is new?

We also added Propanediol, a microbiome-friendly alternative to glycerin. It improves glide and helps your skin to retain moisture. 




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