Why refills?

When I saw two thousand plastic bottles neatly packaged in boxes and ready for shipping, I got excited.
Then, I felt horrified.
Plastic waste is a real problem, and I’d like zerotaboos to be a part of the solution.
Please help us reduce plastic waste and save money in the process!

current progress

15 oz of WASH in an eco-friendly refill bottle.

Perfect for refilling your original 8 oz bottle with a foaming pump.


Refill & reuse


  • Unscrew the foaming pump from your 8 fl oz bottle of WASH.
  • Refill your bottle until it is about 3/4 full. Leave room for air. It’s needed for the pump to create foam & work properly.
  • Feel great about supporting our beautiful planet.

Compost & recycle

Once your refill bottle is empty, you can compost the pulp shell and recycle the inside barrier made from 60% less plastic than conventional bottles of a comparable volume.

Thank you for supporting the refill initiative and showing that you care. I’m happy to report our progress and share the challenges.

First of all, finding an eco-friendly refill solution for our current production volume is not easy.

Foil stand-up pouches are our favorite option. However, the minimum order quantity for this type of packaging (5-10K) is still too large for our current volumes.

Instead, we are staring with a better-than-the-regular plastic alternative and plan to switch to foil once volumes grow.

Here is the plan:

Step 1 (2020): As of now we are offering refills in the bottles by Ecologic.

Their technology saves up to 70% of the plastics compared to our regular bottles. The insert is recyclable, and the shell is compostable.

Step 2 (2021): Once the sales volume grows, we will switch to the stand-up foil pouches.

At the same time, we will offer an aluminum 8 oz bottle instead of our current 8 oz plastic bottle.

Step 3 (2022): Phase out plastic packaging for this product completely. Focus on ecological alternatives for the rest.

Always happy to hear from you, drop us a line to [email protected]

Anastasia Visotsky


Recent Reviews

Verified ownerVerified owner

This wash works so well! If I use it every day, I can wear natural deodorant and not stink! :) Also super happy with the customer service. I'd highly recommend!

9 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

This product has changed my life for the better. I use it to wash my cookie and my toys and I'll never use anything else. I'm glad there's a refill option instead of getting a new plastic bottle every few months, however, I received a 15 fl oz bottle, not a 16 fl oz as advertised. Still a good value, but I'm disappointed by the bottle size.

10 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

All set for the remainder of the year

11 months ago
Carol A.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Love this wash for feminine hygiene. No irritation whatsoever. Great for hair too.

11 months ago
Michael Madden
Verified ownerVerified owner
11 months ago
Shaina Powers
Verified ownerVerified owner

I contacted Anastasia because I was out of my wash and Amazon would be running very late to deliever! Within two day's my refill made it here and I was very happy! Thank you for a great wash and great service!

12 months ago
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