Soothe minor fissures without big-league chemicals.

$59 / 1 oz

naturally healing the aftermath of afterglow

Evening primrose oil (~50%),
Raw, grade-A shea butter (~15%),
Algae oil (~15%),
Myrica flower wax (~9%),
Gorgonian (Sea Whip) extract (in caprylic/capric triglyceride) (~10%),
Grape seed extract in sunflower oil (less than 1%),
Vitamin E (less than 1%).

The powerful sea-born gorgonian extract has a soothing and calming effect on highly sensitive skin—perfect for genital and perianal use.

This rich balm is preservative-free to speed the healing of minor wounds and fissures while maintaining a healthy skin microbiome.

Also, it’s great for skin care after hair removal.

With prebiotics

Skin friendly pH balance

No SLS, SLES, parabens

Cruelty FREE

Gluten FREE

Dairy FREE

Fragrance FREE

We do not sell in countries that require animal testing

No added fragrance or fragrance hiding chemicals

All ingredients: EWG score 1


salve perianal genital _l

About ingredients

We are bringing back a magnificent ingredient that a team of scientists from the University of California, Cornell, and the Scripps Institute for Oceanography discovered in the 80s.

First published in 1986, the research found that unique chemicals (pseudopterosins) produced by the Caribbean Sea Whip (Gorgoniidae) seemed to have an impressive anti-inflammatory effect on human skin.

Since then, several clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of these compounds, comparable to indomethacin & hydrocortisone.

Pseudopterosins extracted from the Sea Whip have been shown to have significant anti-inflammatory activity at levels as low as .02%. We use up to 20 times more gorgonian extract than other products on the market to deliver the maximum healing effect.

Industry secrets

We selected evening primrose oil (EPO) as a carrier oil for SALVE. Its high gamma-linolenic acid content provides a variety of skin benefits. However, it also makes this oil less shelf-stable and, therefore, more expensive.

The majority of EPO today is produced in China, where manufacturers keep prices low with unrestricted use of pesticides and cheap labor. Instead, we use EPO grown and cold-pressed in Texas.

When it comes to shea butter, raw is the best – it preserves shea butter’s natural healing properties, but also makes it harder to work with. Most shea butter used in large-scale manufacturing is refined and extracted using hexane or other petroleum solvents. Usually, it is also mixed with additives that prevent its crystallization after cooling.

We  go through a laborious process of melting, filtering, and mixing it into the formula at a low temperature, followed by rapid cooling to avoid crystallization in the final product and, mainly, to avoid additives.

Since we don’t use refined oils, we recommend using SALVE within 3 months after opening and keeping it in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.