the naked truth

You see a list of ingredients. We see question marks.

You probably know that ingredients on your cosmetics label are listed from the highest concentration to the lowest. But that still leaves a lot of questions.

Is that hyped ingredient, marketed on the front label, is 5% of the formula, or only 0.05%? That would make a huge difference, wouldn’t it?

We list all our ingredients and their proportions.

You see “chamomile extract” – we see “undisclosed ingredients.”

Do you know which water-based botanical extracts contain preservatives?

Here’s a hint: all of them do.

When cosmetics manufacturers list their ingredients, they don’t have to include the preservatives in their raw materials. The Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) left that loophole because some manufacturers don’t even know what preservatives are in their ingredients.

We tell you about all our ingredients – and the ingredients in our ingredients.

Where is the expiration date?

You might have noticed that cosmetic products rarely have a manufacturing date or an expiration date on the package.

The more processed the ingredients are, and the more preservatives they have, the more shelf-stable they are.

All our products have either a printed manufacturing date or a recommended “use by” date.

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