we don't like single-use plastic either

When I saw a few thousand plastic bottles neatly packaged in boxes and ready for shipping, I got excited.

Then, I felt horrified. 

Plastic waste is a real problem, and I’d like zerotaboos to be a part of the solution. 

But refilling your foaming bottles is not a good idea either (see our video below). We are still looking for options that are safe for you and the planet.

refills and 8 oz

current progress & updates


Thank you for supporting the refill initiative and showing that you care. I’m happy to report our progress and share the challenges.


What we have tried and our findings:


2020-2021: Foil pouches. Those were a major failure since about 30% of them leaked. Big brands work directly with the manufacturers and iterate to solve problems like that. With our volume at the time, we had to buy stock variety.


2022: We were offering refills in the bottles by Ecologic.

Their technology saves up to 70% of the plastics compared to our regular bottles. The insert is recyclable, and the shell is compostable. However, as we learned (see the video below), refilling soap containers is risky. 


Next steps: We need an option that would cut down on plastic as well as take into account biofilm research findings. 


Always happy to hear from you; drop us a line at [email protected]


Anastasia Visotsky



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