What's microbiome?

You are never alone

A healthy body isn’t just you – it’s a whole ecosystem. That’s what it means when we talk about your “microbiome.” 

The bacteria that live on your skin and in your gut are important to your health. In fact, they regulate many critical functions of your body, from hormone to vitamin production. 

We know that a diverse microbiome – with many different species of native bacteria – maintains your health. Even bacteria that can cause disease are present in smaller numbers as part of this healthy ecosystem.


Bacteria. it’s not all bad

A strong microbiome protects you from infections. If foreign bacteria or fungus try to colonize your body, they get crowded out by the healthy organisms that already live there. 

Your microbiome also works to protect your skin, help wounds heal, and manage inflammation—these friendly bacteria want a healthy home as much as you want healthy skin!



Unfortunately, if we don’t take care of our bacteria, they can’t take care of us. 

If we over-use products like antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizers, steroids, and antibiotics, we can wipe out our good bacteria along with the bad. 

This gives opportunistic organisms a chance to take over, causing skin irritation, dryness, increased body odor.


protect your mighty microbiome

Luckily, you have ways to support a healthy microbiome. Option one: stop using soaps and skin products altogether. Option two: choose microbiome-friendly products with probiotics, prebiotics, and postbioitcs. 

Probiotics are living, helpful bacteria that could temporarily join your body’s ecosystem. 

Prebiotics are foods that helpful bacteria can eat to grow stronger so they can push out invading organisms. Opportunistic bacteria can not digest prebiotics.

Postbioitcs are bacterial enzymes released by good bacteria. They soothe your skin and actively prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria. We use postbiotics instead of preservatives in our products.

We call our products “microbiome-friendly” because they are formulated with a healthy skin microbiome in mind. 

Why a healthy microbiome matters

An ecosystem in balance, a healthy state.

The beneficial bacteria on your skin help protect you from opportunistic organisms like E.coli and yeast.

After using soaps & disinfectants.

Strong preservatives and antibiotics disrupt the natural balance of your microbiome.

Several hours later: dysbiosis.

Opportunistic bacteria adapt faster than beneficial ones, causing bad smell, irritation, and even infections.
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